MR2 Spyder Comparisons

Toyota MR2 Spyder versus other Cars

If you found your way to this website you are probably either already own an MR2 spyder or you are thinking about purchasing one. Before you start your search it might be important to find out how the MR2 spyder compares to other cars in it’s class. As the site develops I will continue to add new comparisions to help you with your MR2 spyder car search.

2005 MR2 Spyder 2005 MazdaMX-5 Miata
Retail Price $25,145 $25,780
Standard Engine 1.8L 138 hp I4 1.8L 178 hp I4
Horsepower 138 @ 6400 RPM 178 @ 6000 RPM
Standard Transmission 5-Speed Manual Overdrive 6-Speed Manual Overdrive
Fuel Economy (MPG) 26 / 32 20 / 26
Fuel Economy (MPG) 26 / 32 20 / 26

A piggy back ECU basically tricks your ECU into reading different numbers. It may help your car have better performance than your factory ECU. Most car manufacturers frown on this however and it will void any type of warrenty offered with the car.