MR2 Spyder Body Kits

  • Abflug MR2 Spyder Body Kit
  • Damd MR2 Spyder Body Kit
  • Gallop MR2 Spyder Body Kit
  • Power House Amuse MR2 Spyder Body Kit
  • Dangun MR2 Spyder Body Kit
  • GT300 MR2 Spyder Body Kit
  • APR S-GT Wide Body MR2 Spyder Body Kit
  • Debut MR2 Spyder Body Kit
  • Illusions 1 MR2 Spyder Body Kit
  • C-One MR2 Spyder Body Kit
  • Dtech MR2 Spyder Body Kit
  • Kaminari KZ7 MR2 Spyder Body Kit
  • Mono craft MR2 Spyder Body Kit
  • MS Designs MR2 Spyder Body Kit
  • Sard MR2 Spyder Body Kit
  • Street Slider MR2 Spyder Body Kit
  • Tom's MR2 Spyder Body Kit
  • Top Secret 1 MR2 Spyder Body Kit
  • Top Secret 2 MR2 Spyder Body Kit
  • TRD Stage 1 MR2 Spyder Body Kit
  • TRD Stage 2 MR2 Spyder Body Kit
  • TRD VM180 MR2 Spyder Body Kit
  • Trial MR2 Spyder Body Kit
  • Varis MR2 Spyder Body Kit
  • Varis Carbon Wide Body MR2 Spyder Body Kit
  • Veilside MR2 Spyder Wide Body Kit

Toyota MR2 Spyder Resources

Engine Control Unit (ECU) Piggyback

The Engine Control Unit or (ECU) is a computer on a car that controls how the engine works. The ECU would be similar to a human brain. It monitors all the outputs of the car system to control what goes into the system. It manages important things such as the engines fuel economy, the emissions, coolant temperature, the amount of oxygen in the exhaust and many other important processes.

Using the data the ECU collects, it performs millions of calculations per second to make the engine run the most efficient possible..

So, What makes up an ECU?

Just like your home computer an ECU is made from hundreds of compenents. It's placed on a circuit board and contains components such as: analog-to-digital converter, digital-to-analog converter, high-level digital outputs, signal conditioners and Communication chips.

ECU's also have other benefits such as being able to communicate with other computers to show problems and store information about the system when the problem occoured in the system. This makes it much easier for technicians to diagnose problems with the car. It also can show them stored information even if the check engine light went away and seems to be fine now.

A piggy back ECU basically tricks your ECU into reading different numbers. It may help your car have better performance than your factory ECU. Most car manufacturers frown on this however and it will void any type of warrenty offered with the car.

MR2 Spyder Performance

  • ECU (piggyback)
  • ECU (fullreplacement)
  • E-Boost Controlers
  • Complete Exhaust
  • Springs
  • Anti Flexplate
  • Roll Bars/Cages
  • Brake Disks
  • Sleeves/Sleeving
  • Injectors
  • Rods
  • Engine Mounts
  • Short Shifter
  • Flywheel
  • Cooling Bonnet/Carbonbonnet
  • Aluminum Underpanel
  • Air Inductionsystems
  • Air Filter
  • Cold Airintake
  • Front Pipe
  • Pre Tunedsuspension
  • Strut Towerbars
  • Side Bracing
  • Crank Pulley
  • Turbo Kits
  • Pistons
  • Cylinder Headparts
  • Oil Filters
  • Limited Slipdifferential
  • Traction Control
  • Cruise Controlkits
  • Exhaust Manifold
  • Muffler
  • High Flowcatalizer
  • Sway Bars/Antirollbars
  • Adjustable Suspensionsystem
  • Member Braces
  • Brake Pads
  • Big Borekit
  • Fuel Pumps/Regulators
  • Stud Kits
  • Throttle Body
  • Trans. Anddiff.Cooler
  • Clutch
  • Close Gearratios
  • Radiator
  • Speed Limiteroveride